Career That Fits Your Calling

Unilarity’s impact can be as large or as small as our people make it. No more, no less. So we seek professionals who see differently, who find opportunity where others don’t, who look within themselves and know that with the right support and team they can impact the world.

Think local

Act Global

Act Nearshore

Shaping Process

“Look within. And impact everything around you.”


Meet the Unilarity DNA

Working at Unilarity is much more than just a job; it is a way of being.

It is not just your talent and creativity that we want at Unilarity. We want you to be one of us. We are here to help you evolve and transform your world. So that the Unilarity culture is always with you and so you can help shape the future for many different companies. Are you ready to be U/People?


First you have to be in

At Unilarity, we value much more than your talent. When we put U/People to work with the client, we want them to take with them not only our knowledge but also our culture.


You will never feel left out

Wherever there are U/People, there is also the whole of Unilarity and all our consultancy and technology expertise. We have strong, tight relationships with our people and with our clients, wherever they are.

Working at Unilarity

Why join Unilarity

You’re in for more

What brings us all together at Unilarity? It’s how we approach the thousands of decisions we make every day. How we behave, our beliefs and our attitudes. In other words: our values. Whatever we do, wherever we are in the world, we lead the way, serve with integrity, take care of each other, foster inclusion, and collaborate for measurable impact.

Work your way

Output is simply more important to us than presenteeism. So, we make it as easy as possible for you to choose when, where and how you work. And we’re always open to having the conversation.

Your wellbeing matters

We’re determined to create an environment for our people that supports both mental and physical health. We host a programme of wellbeing events and activities throughout the year.

A new journey

You might be surprised by the breadth of opportunity here. We are business advisors, technical consultants, cyber experts, thinkers, doers and innovators.

Never stop learning

Our commitment to the professional development of our people is absolute. We invest in learning. As an experienced hire you will enjoy a clear, structured development programme that includes internal technical training and ongoing mentoring designed to complement specific on-the-job development, as well as the opportunity to gain qualifications.

Keep moving on

We don’t hold our people back. Our structure means promotions are based on merit, not on waiting for someone a level up to move on. Show us what you can do and you’ll be rewarded. It’s a simple as that.

Expand your world

We’re a globally mobile firm. We work with exciting international clients, from offices all over the world, helping them do better businesses across an ever-more connected planet. The opportunities are vast. If a goal of yours is to discover work and life in another culture, we’ll encourage you all the way. Overseas secondments, transfers and assignments are all on offer here.

Live well. Be well.

Encouraging a healthy, balanced life

We aim to provide for your overall personal, financial and professional well-being by offering a complete benefits package centred on health, wellness and investing in your future. Some of our comprehensive benefits include:

Healthcare Insurance
Life and Disability Insurance
Competitive Compensation
Retirement Benefits
Professional Development
Wellness Program
Employee Assistance Program
Paid Time Off
People First ManTra

We are PeopleCentric

Working at Unilarity is much more than just a job, it is a way of being. We truly believe that Technology makes it possible, but it’s people who make it happen.

  • High standards of professionalism, integrity and modesty.
  • Ability to learn
  • Establishment of close working relationships.
  • A different way of thinking, both inside and outside the box.
  • Multicultural competence and cross-border operability.
  • We do not have to be the best, we do have to give our best.
  • Be good, but don’t believe you are the best in the world.

Life at Unilarity

Here’s how we are different

At Unilarity, it is people that are important

Our employees are friends, and our work environment is relaxed, creative and supportive. We share both opinions and jokes, and we are unbeatable at table tennis.


We invest in our employees.

We regularly send our employees to events from the industry: DrupalCon, Symphony Live and Google Code Day, to name a few. We have hosted Symphony workshops with leading experts from the industry such as Symphony creators, SensioLabs, scrum trainings and various other workshops. This has resulted in our employees being recognised as experts in the field, giving lectures at conferences and events, and being able to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Wellness Program

We encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that to be creative and productive, you need to be healthy and we support our employees in staying healthy by organising team building activities they will enjoy: football tournaments, table tennis matches – whatever they want. For those not into team sports, we offer full gym memberships on our dime. Our kitchen is always filled with fruit and fresh water and our working space is aerated and warm.


We enjoy team building activities.

A fully functional team can be achieved only in a healthy corporate culture, and team building activities are a valuable part of that culture, whether it’s a football match, a bowling competition, a travel or a play-day for our employees’ children. Members of our team have become friends and even though we have offices in different cities, we make sure they spend enough time together to get to know each other, share ideas and solutions, and have fun.

Elevate your career at Unilarity

Come innovate with us!

Join our diverse group of innovators—working to solve industries’ and organizations’ most challenging problems together. Our people define us and show who we are. When we put Unilarity People to work with the client, they take with them not only our knowledge but also our culture

Grow. Learn. Lead. Aspire.

Our colleagues are experienced and innovative industry experts, and bring a proven track record of creative thinking, technology expertise and transformational change to our organization.


Student and Intern Opportunities

Work, learn and expand your skills in a variety of internships or full-time roles for undergraduates and graduates.